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    Friday, July 04, 2008

    SQL Server 2008 Top 10 Features

    Last week I presented my personal top 10 of new Features in SQL Server 2008 on the Community Day.

    Here's the list
    1. Backup Compression
    2. PowerShell
    3. Policy Based Mgmt
    4. Multi Server Mgmt
    5. Resource Governor
    6. Change Data Capture
    7. Data Profiling
    8. AS DMVs
    9. Report Builder 2.0
    10. New stuff in SQL Server Management Studio (RC0)
    The session was recorded and is now available on Chopsticks.

    Werner Geuens gave an excellent presentation on the new datatypes in SQL Server 2008. This is also available on Chopsticks.

    The Community Day was again a big success. Looking forward to next year!!!

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