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    Saturday, April 29, 2006

    What a week

    Don't apply SQL 2005 Service Pack 1 if you use SSIS

    Monad becomes Windows PowerShell

    Overstekend Wild : Weekly column from Marc Reynebeau. available in podcast

    Quote of the Week
    "I wish I Was Mr. Gates" - Bruce Springsteen in Pay me my money down

    Song of the week - Lenny Kravitz - Breathe

    Available as a free download from

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Article - SQL Server 2005 Logon Triggers

    My first article (SQL Server 2005 Logon Triggers) was published by SQL Server Central today.
    In the article I describe how to mimic Oracle logon triggers using event notifications in SQL Server 2005.

    The article can be found on the URL below (free registration required)

    [UPDATE] The sample code is now available on the following url:

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    What a week

    More SQL Suduko Solvers

    SQL Server Everywhere FAQ

    Processing an AS2005 cube from the command line with XMLA

    Drop support dates SQL Server 2000

    Portable Firefox has been officially released

    MacBooks comming soon
    "Apple has begun manufacturing its new MacBook and should have the laptop in consumer hands in the next 30-60 days, sources report."

    Booting Solaris on Mac

    Song of the week
    Blondie Vs The Doors - Rapture/Riders

    Lease a sheep

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006


    I was a happy Colibri user for the last couple of months. Colibri is a very nice alternative program launcher for Windows. Last week I uninstalled Colibri and switched completely to Launchy. Launchy is better, faster, and it is opensource. Since version 0.9.1 search results are also sorted by the frequency of use.
    Press ALT SPACE F ENTER to launch Firefox. Press ALT SPACE S ENTER to launch SQL Server Management Studio.

    Thanks for the tip, Mr. Peter.

    From the Launchy Readme.pdf

    Launchy is the most efficient way to open files and programs on your
    computer. Nobody likes to hunt through the start menu to find an application,
    just to find that the application is hidden under some obscure folder named
    after a company you have never heard of! Instead, Launchy is a smart search
    program which tries to guess which program or file you are looking for and will
    launch it when you hit the enter key. It is only visible when you hit the
    alt+space key combination; otherwise it hides in the background. Once you
    have used it for a few days, it becomes an indispensable utility for your
    computer. And it’s free!

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    What a week

    Apple supports XP on Mac with BootCamp

    Firefox Extension of the week
    The Copy URL+ extension enables you to copy to the clipboard the current document's address along with additional information such as the document's title, the current selection or both.

    Ten of the Biggest Mistakes Developers Make With Databases

    Quote of the week - Dave Dargo's Blog
    "But all these things add up and now I'm lucky enough to be doing another cool thing—working with Ingres."

    Song of the week
    Blancmange - Don't Tell Me

    Breaking SQL Server 2005 news

    Breaking news:
    • Database mirroring will be supported in SP1.
    • SP1 will contain the RTM version of SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition.
    • By the end of this year there will be a SQL Server Everywhere Edition. This edition will run on anything from smarphones through servers.

    This, and more breaking SQL Server news will be announced later today by Paul Flessner. Euan Garden gives us a sneak preview on his blog.

    Switching to English

    During the last months the scope of my blog narrowed more and more to SQL Server and IT stuff in general. This gives me a good reason to switch it to English. I will use Babel Fish to translate between Dutch and English.

    From English to Dutch...

    Tijdens de laatste maanden in het algemeen versmalde het werkingsgebied van mijn blog meer en meer aan SQL Server en het materiaal van IT. Dit geeft me een goede reden om het aan het Engels te schakelen. Ik zal de Vissen van Babel om tussen het Nederlands en het Engels gebruiken te vertalen.

    ... and back to English

    During the last months in general commonly narrowed the functioning area of my blog to SQL server more and more and the material of IT. This gives me a good reason to change gear it to English. I the fish of Babel will translate between Dutch and English using.

    Babel Fish is nie slecht, maar juuste nie ....

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Microsoft koopt ProClarity

    Microsoft Agrees to Acquire ProClarity, Enhancing Business Intelligence Offering: Leader in advanced analytics adds to Microsoft’s comprehensive BI capabilities.

    Virtual Server R2 gratis

    Virutal Server R2 is vanaf nu beschikbaar als gratis download. Bovendien supporteert Microsoft Linux nu ook (officiƫel) als guest OS binnen Virtual Server.