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    Friday, November 25, 2011

    PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 12 - The Measure Grid

    In PowerPivot v1 calculated columns were created in the PowerPivot window and calculated measures were created in the PowerPivot Field list interface in Excel. In v2 you can now also create calculated measures in the PowerPivot window by using the new measure grid.

    You cannot only create measures in the measure grid, but PowerPivot will actually calculate the measure. Another cool thing is the fact that the measure is recalculated when you start filtering the table, as you can see in the screenshot below (filtered on Clothing).

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 11 - Add Values to Rows and Columns

    While reviewing the session scores of SQL Server Days I ran into a very nice new feature in PowerPivot v2. You can now add values to rows and columns. This allows you to do some very nice analysis very fast.

    I just wanted so know how many sessions scored a 10, and how many scored a 9, .....

    By simply dragging the score value to the rows area I got the following results.