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    Sunday, March 25, 2007

    KHM BI Event follow up

    Last Thursday KHM Mechelen organized an event on Business Intelligence. Together with 5 other colleagues from the Cronos Group we gave 6 presentations. This was the agenda:

    • Positioning of BI tools in the market – Bart Van Mulders
    • The Buzz Words – Nick Wuyts
    • Skills required for a successful BI project – Bart Gorremans
    • Competitive comparison of some important Business Intelligence Suites
      • BusinessObjectsJorn Vandendriessche
      • Microsoft Business Intelligence – Frederik Vandeputte
      • Oracle BI – Stijn Vandereycken

    Given the audience of about 100 (ex) students I decided to do a rerun of my biTunes presentation. I got pretty positive feedback from a lot students, Thanks for that. Here's a wrap up of the Q&A:
    • What's that nifty tool you used to zoom in and out?
      It's called ZoomIt and is available as a free download from the MS Sysinternals website.
    • Can I download the biTunes source code?
      Yes, I posted it here.
    • Why is the Undo feature missing from Integration Services.
      This is known issue, and feature request on many people's which list.
    • Can you load the iTunes Library with plain T-SQL code?
      Yes, you can check out Peter Debetta's post.
    • Cronos, Datamotive, I4BI, Kohera ... Who's Who?
      • Datamotive is the BI competence center in the Cronos Group using tools like BO, Cognos ...
      • I4BI is the competence center with full focus on Oracle BI
      • Kohera is dedicated to implementing Microsoft's Business Intelligence suite and delivering services on the MS SQL Server platform.

    We really liked the event, and are planning more BI roadshows comparing Microsoft BI with other vendors. So, if you are interested ... drop me a line.