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    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    biTunes - The Source code

    As promised last week on Teched... the source code for biTunes.

    This zip files contains all the scripts, database backup, and BIDS solution for running your own biTunes BI solution.

    Scripts were created with SQL Server 2005 SP1.

    I included a small sample iTunes music library file. Copy your own iTunes Music Library.xml file to c:\biTunes\iTunes Music Library.xml to analyze your own MP3 collection.

    Have fun!!

    (Update, June 29h 2007 - new download location)


    Anonymous said...

    Really enjoyed this session at TechEd, thanks for posting the code

    Anonymous said...

    Hello! I read this article! Big thanks to author, very interesting. Write more.

    Dennis Browne said...

    Do you have a copy of the presentation to go along with the source code. I am very interested in this topic, especially the iTunes bent to it ... but am new to this and need some guidance on using the solution.

    dennisbrowne at live dot com