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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Speaking at Teched - biTunes

    iTunes meets BI!! I will be speaking at Teched : Developers in Barcelona. The session is called "biTunes - Building an end-to-end Business Intelligence (BI) application with SQL Server 2005 and … iTunes!"

    This is the abstract.

    SQL Servers 2005 gives you all the tools you need for building end-to-end BI applications. In this 100% demo driven session we walk through the complete SQL Server 2005 BI stack. We'll use SQL Server Integration Services to import the iTunes (yes, that's right) music library. We'll build an OLAP cube on top of our MP3 library with SQL Server Analysis Services. Finally we'll use SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel 2007 to reveal information you thought you could never retrieve from iTunes. Come and take a walk on the BI-side...

    The session is planned for Wednesday, Nov 8 13:30 - 14:45 (UPDATED) . I am looking forward to meet you there.

    I am planning a couple of dry runs during the next weeks. If you would like to attend one of these , drop me an e-mail.


    Anonymous said...


    I was listening to you at TechEd.

    Well done!

    Straight-forward, simple and easy to follow.

    I would like to use your eaxample to introduce some BI concepts to folks at my company. Do you mind?

    Can you share scripts, XML file , schemas etc.?

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Frederik, I am preparing for a marathon, and I have found out that runners use their Ipod for very specific reasons, meaning that they select tracks that are all in the same BPM range, and then do a training where their match their runningpace with the BPM rate, which gives them significant training results. Perhaps you can extend your demo with this nice example if you ever are in this demoscenario again.

    Cheers, Johan

    Anonymous said...

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