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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    Best Practices Analyzer 2.0 comming soon

    I just finished watching Paul Mestemaker's webcast on the SQL Server Upgrade Advisor and the New SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer tool. Paul gives a demo of the upcomming Bast Practices Analyzer for SQL Server 2005.

    Some highlights of this upcomming tool:
    • Full support of DB engine, SSIS and Analysis Services on SQL 2005
    • Lmited (DB engine) support for SQL Server 2000
    • UI and "way of working" (including command line option) is similar to the Upgrade Advisor
    The great news: First public version is expected late October, early November.

    More Best Practices Analyzer news can be found on the SQL Server Relational Engine Manageability Team Blog

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