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    Monday, June 24, 2013

    PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 20 - Create Time Dimension Office App

    Over the last few years I have created many PowerPivot models and almost every single one of them had a calendar dimension.   One of the top items on my "personal PowerPivot feature wish list" is a Calendar Dimension  Wizard. It would be great to have a Calendar Dimension wizard  where you can just generate a calendar table:

    • From Date x until date y
    • Choose attributes Month, MonthName, Year, Week, Fiscal Year, …
    • Fiscal Year starts at xxx
    • Create hierarchy on x,y,z, …
    • Create common date calculations (YTD, YOY, Y-1, …)
    • ...

    Recently I ran into an App for Excel 2013 which does a large part of this work.  The App is called Create Time Dimension and is written by Stefan Johansson.

    After you installed this free App from the Office App Store you can generate a Calendar dimension in a few seconds.  

    In the latest release the calendar can be generated in Dutch (next to English and Swedish).

    A real time saver!

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