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    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    PowerPivot Nuggets - Part 1 - The Diagram View

    "Relationships are the most important thing to understand in PowerPivot". It's one of the first things I teach my students in every single PowerPivot training. Missing or incorrect relationships will lead to incorrect DAX calculations and wrong results in your pivot tables. The funny thing in V1 was that you needed to create and debug relationships in a tiny message box with only 4 drop down boxes.

    The good news in V2 is that PowerPivot ships with a great diagram view.

    The diagram view allows you to
    • get a clear ERD like view of your model and navigate trough it
    • create and manage your relationships
    • rename tables and columns
    • Create hierarchies
    • ...
    A long anticipated feature and a very nice addition to the tool.

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