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    Saturday, June 23, 2007

    Speaking at Community Day

    On Thursday I will be presenting on the first Belgian Community Day.

    Five belgian usergroups, BIWUG, VISUG, SQLUG, IT-Talks, and Pro-Exchange, have decided to combine their efforts to organize a joint-event just before summer starts. This event will be the biggest community event in Belgium! So if you are eager to learn, eager to get answers to your questions and eager to socialize, come and join us for our very first Belgian Community Day.

    I will deliver a fun introduction to Microsoft BI. My collegue Werner Geuens will give an in depth session on statistics.

    Full details and free registration can be found on

    Here are the session abstracts.

    Intro Session - biTunes – A fun introduction to Microsoft BI with SQL Server 2005 and… iTunes !

    Session abstract:

    SQL Servers 2005 gives you all the tools you need for building end-to-end business intelligence (BI) applications. In this demo driven session we walk through the complete SQL Server 2005 BI stack. We'll use SQL Server Integration Services to import the iTunes (yes, that's right) music library. We'll build an OLAP cube on top of our MP3 library with SQL Server Analysis Services. Finally we'll use SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel 2007 to reveal information you thought you could never retrieve from iTunes. Come take a walk on the BI-side…

    Frederik Vandeputte, Senior Consultant at Kohera and Vice President of the Belgium SQL Server User Group

    Deep dive: Statistics in SQL Server 2005, what can go wrong

    Session abstract:
    Maybe you are not aware of it but every index is accompanied by its statistics. You can create statistics without index, but why would you do that? Even the engine creates statistics when it feels like doing so, how can that be of use to us? We have new database settings concerning statistics in SQL Server 2005; let's take a look at these. Once you know the use of statistics you'll realize that they need maintenance, how should we do that?

    Werner Geuens, Senior Consultant at Cronos.

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