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    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Installing SQL Server SP1 and hotfixes with a single click of the mouse

    Installing SQL 2005 hotfixes requires quite some mouse clicks: .... Click Next, Next, Yes, Yes, Finish, ....

    This little batchfile will upgrade all your SQL 2005 instances and all componens to build 2153 with a single mouse click.

    REM install hotfixes
    start /wait sql2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstances
    start /wait as2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstancese
    start /wait dts2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstances
    start /wait ns2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstances
    start /wait rs2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstances
    start /wait sqltools2005-kb918222-x86-enu.exe /quiet /allinstances

    Take care of the order in wich you apply the hotfixes. Check out KB 919224 article if you receive this funny error:

    "Connect to SSIS Service on machine "computername" failed: Error loading type library/DLL."

    You can use the same trick (/quiet /allinstances) for installing the SP1 itself.

    REM install SP1
    SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-x86-ENU.exe /quiet /allinstances

    If you just want to get a list of the installed components and versions, this will do the trick:

    REM enum components and versions
    SQLServer2005SP1-KB913090-x86-ENU.exe /reportonly /allinstances

    After the installation of the hotfixes make sure to have a look at logfiles in %windir%\hotfix.

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