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    Friday, June 23, 2006

    Checking the status of OLAP Cubes

    Running a full process of a shared dimension will bring down all the cubes that use that shared dimension. I needed a mecanism to check the status of all my cubes in an Analysis Services 2000 installation.

    So I came up with the following VBS script. It's quick and dirty but it works.

    ServerName = "LocalHost"
    'Delimiter = Chr(9) 'Tab
    Delimiter = ";"

    Set dsoServer = CreateObject("DSO.Server")

    'Connect Analysis server
    dsoServer.Connect ServerName

    'Walk through OLAP DBs
    For Each dsoDB In dsoServer.MDStores
    'Walk through Cubes.
    For Each dsoCube In dsoDB.MDStores
    State = "Other"
    If dsoCube.State = 0 Then
    State = "OFFLINE"
    ElseIf dsoCube.State = 4 Then
    State = "Online"
    End if
    Wscript.Echo dsoDB.Name & Delimiter & dsoCube.Name & Delimiter & State

    To run it use the command below:

    cscript /NoLogo CubeStatus.vbs

    And this could be the result


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